Friday, June 21, 2013

Im back...

Hi everybody. So I took a little time off from blogging to focus on my other full-time job outside of studio work...being a dad. Between coaching soccer, camping, fishing for trout, motorcycle riding, full-time studio work, teaching, river trips, family vacations and freelance work- all time seems to disappear. But I am back and will have some new work to share with everyone. Cheers... Thanks for the emails.

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Charlie said...

Hi Phil, I am a big fan and watch your videos from your Fullerton lectures religiously. I am an old ship draughtsman and have always liked to draw, been through the cad and 3d phases and now just draw because I enjoy it. I also coached kids competitive soccer here in the Toronto area and have a B license.
Am going to Comicon in SD this July, I managed to get a couple of days. Will be in LA visiting my daughter directly after. Would love to attend something, do you know if any classes going on the week of24 July?
Can't tell you how much I enjoy your lectures. Thanks fir sharing