Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Getting Started Part-II

Before I get started I wanted to thank two great and oh so super talented friends of mine, Simon Rodgers (Sim-R) and John Nevarez for helping to light the fire under my pants for me to get busy and get blogging. I have had the pleasure of working and taking classes with theses these guys way back in the day. Couldn't know nicer guys!! Thank you!!

Ok...the science garage, since the camera is going to be in closer rather than away in the establishing shot, I added some more props because I really wanted to push the silhouette shapes to frame around the main character. I did two rough lighting passes to search for the mood I liked....one with fog and one with out, then did some close up renders around the center to see what shapes I would get in the composition. The thing I love about designing in Maya is I can go ahead and arrange shapes to fit the best composition possible early in a development phase with the modeled set, then pass that information forward to help story. Finally, I had the chance to dive into some rough color. I don't get a chance to paint much anymore, but just as I learned Maya, I shall remedy that, and as I move onward in this blog, you might see some scary color combinations, but give me sometime to grow. Thanks for stopping by.