Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Getting Started

Finally made it!! My first step into the blog arena, trying to figure it all out. First thing I have to do is thank my awesome wife Kindra for her help and support with everything, especially watching the little ones, so I can slip away into my studio and work. Thank you!!!!
Thought I would start off with a new project I am working on with a friend.The story is structured around a childrens book idea that we are preparing for a publisher, but could lead towards animation. Anyway its just fun getting to create something fun for yourself. I only had a couple days to do the everything, and I decided to show some of my process here, that might not be shown in future postings. There are some quick thumbnails that took about 25 minutes each searching for some shapes based off what the story indicated, then some prop design roughs, then a render of the first pass of the set I built in Maya. Some revisions and changes will come, in the next posting, as I explore the set in 3d further to accomodate camera angles and story ideas that fit the composition we like the best, that might not really be represented in the concept art. It all sort of changes as the art gets moved into 3d.