Friday, September 26, 2008


Just having fun on my time off. I have been dirt bike riding every weekend with my 250cc bike, and sketching. Always been fascinated with machines that go fast. Here are some doodles I put together from my sketchbook thinking of futuristic machines. The little ships below are done on a little yellow pad of post its. When xeroxed it turns white. Makes a great portable little sketchbook.


dq said...

Hi Phil
These are awesome pieces! I really enjoy your environment stuff. Keep up the great work!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Phil - awesome stuff here mate - loving the sketches - keep em coming!!!

Mark McDonnell said...

HOLIE SHIP!!!! Nice work my friend. Good to see you enjoying yourself and on the prowl.



Andrew Glazebrook said...

Brilliant work !!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Took another look at these cause I love them so much !!! Fab work !!!